City Council

The Falls City Council meets on the second Monday of each month at 6:00 pm (unless otherwise noted)

in the Community Center at 320 North Main Street. Council is meeting via Zoom during the pandemic.

Join City Council meetings via Z0om  by clicking here


Council correspondence may be sent to:

City Council

Falls City City Hall

299 Mill Street

Falls City, OR 97344
email City Council c/o


Lori Jean Sickles

Term Ends: 12/31/2022

Councilor Tony Meier

Tony Meier

Term Ends: 12/31/2022

Coming Soon

Amy Houghtaling

Term Ends: 12/31/2024

Councilor Jennifer Drill

Jennifer Drill-Young

Term Ends: 12/31/2022

Councilor Dennis Sickles

Dennis Sickles

Term Ends: 12/31/2024

Martha Website.jpg

Martha Jirovec

Term Ends: 12/31/2024

T.J. Bailey