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Fall City Newsletters

Each month Falls City produces a newsletter to help residents stay informed. It is sent to residents and property owners on file with the City who receive utility bills.


If any organization has upcoming events that they would like included in the newsletter, email your event information to: before the 15th of each month.

Falls City Poem 1925


"Falls City the Beautiful"


Where the rushing Luckiamute River 

From its canyon makes a sally

Stumbling over cliffs and boulders

Headlong falls into the valley;

Where the valley meets the mountain

On a spot serene and pretty,

Beautiful for situation,

Stands the village of Falls City.


Here the hills are clad in fir trees,

Trimmed with dogwood and maple:

Bright and green through summer

But in autumn gold and purple.

Here the orchards and the vineyards

Yield their bounties without number

And the fir trees on the Mountains

Yield a wealth of longs and lumber.


Here the rushing tumbling waters

Lent to men their strength and might

Turn the wheels of mill and planer

And produce electric light,

Here’s the “center of resources”

Gleaned from the mountain, hill and plain:

Luscious fruits and nuts and berries,

Weaving fields of hay and grain

Far removed from thongs and cities

And the rush and noise and din

Of the busy lanes of commerce.

Lacking, too, their care and pain.

Here surrounded by the mountains,

And the azure dome above;

Men have time for peace and quiet,

Hearts are filled with peace and love.


Do you long for home and neighbors

And the fellowship of friends:

Where abideth peace and plenty,

And contentment, which it lends?

Seek it not in crowded cities

Nor resorts of great reknown;

But, just pack up your belongings

And come here and settle down.


-J.A. Reiber

(As printed in the “Falls

City Enterprise” in

November 1925 – Courtesy of

Mrs. Hope Letterman)