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Governing Documents

City Charter

City of Falls City Charter (effective 12/04/2014)


Comprehensive Plan

Falls City Comprehensive Plan (2013)

Falls City Comprehensive Plan Appendix A- Street Inventory (2009)

Falls City Comprehensive Plan Appendix B- Public Works Design Standards (2010)

Falls City Comprehensive Plan Designations (2017)

Municipal Code

Falls City Municipal Code 2023

Amendment to Chapter 90: Unnecessary Noise

Code Amendments - passed June 13, 2022

Zoning and Development Ordinance

Falls City Zoning and Development Ordinance (2017)

Falls City Zoning Map


Land Use Verification Letter 

Property Line Adjustment

Manufactured Home Placement 

Residential Building Permit

Wastewater Facility Plan

Falls City Wastewater Facility Plan- Part A (2013)

Falls City Wastewater Facility Plan- Part B Maps (2013)


Water Master Plan

Water Master Plan (2017)

Water Source Assessment Report

Falls City Water Source Assessment Report (2001)


Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Plan

Falls City Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Plan (2022-2023)


Street Improvement Plan

Falls City Street Improvement Plan (2010)


Streets Map

Falls City Streets Map (2009)


Future Streets Map

Falls City Future Streets Map (2010) 


Transportation System Plan

Falls City Transportation System Plan (2013)


Buildable Lands Map

Falls City Buildable Lands Map (2001)


Building Limitations Map

Falls City Building Limitations Map


Parks Master Plan

Parks Master Plan (2017)

Fee Schedule

Falls City Fee Schedule (updated 2017)


Emergency Operations Plan

Falls City Emergency Operations Plan (2014)


Emergency Preparedness Plan

Falls City Basic Emergency Preparedness Plan (2015)


Polk County Multi-Jurisdictional Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan (NHMP)

Polk County Multi-Jurisdictional NHMP (2017)

Falls City Addendum to the Polk County NHMP (2017)

Economic Resilience Plan

Falls City Economic Resilience Plan (2019)

Public Protection Rating

Falls City Protection Classification Report (2014)


City Budget

Falls City Adopted Budget 2023-2024

Falls City Adopted Budget 2022-2023

Falls City Adopted Budget 2021-2022

Falls City Adopted Budget 2020-2021

Falls City Adopted Budget 2019-2020

Falls City Adopted Budget 2018-2019

Falls City Adopted Budget 2017-2018

Falls City Adopted Budget 2016-2017

Falls City Adopted Budget 2015-2016

Falls City Adopted Budget 2014-2015

Falls City Adopted Budget 2013-2014

Falls City Adopted Budget 2012-2013


City Audits

Falls City Audit Report 2023

Falls City Audit Report 2022

Falls City Audit Report 2021

Falls City Audit Report 2020

Falls City Audit Report 2019

Falls City Audit Report 2018

Falls City Audit Report 2017

Falls City Audit Report 2016

Falls City Audit Report 2015

Falls City Audit Report 2014

Falls City Audit Report 2013

Falls City Audit Report 2012

Falls City Audit Report 2011

Falls City Audit Report 2010

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