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City of Falls City 

299 Mill St.

Falls City, Oregon 97344




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Our Town...

Falls City is a rural community nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Coast Range named for the Little Luckiamute Falls located in the heart of town. Falls City originated as a mill town for processing timber harvested from the surrounding coast range.


Falls City has several charming local stores, a pub, a brand new B&B, artisan bakery and many home businesses producing honey, jams, wood crafted goods and the list goes on...


On any given day, you will see horseback riders on Main Street, logging trucks, golf carts and friendly waves from the local residents.


Visitors and residents alike enjoy our natural resources and local activities such as picnicking, swimming in the Little Luckiamute River, viewing the Falls and Bath Tub, walking our foot bridges and the Stairs, playing basketball in one of our many beautiful parks, and the breathtaking views of endless farming and timberland that surround the City.  For the more adventurous, Black Rock Mountain biking facility offers extreme outdoor sport activities and the nearby Valley of the Giants offers hiking through towering old growth trees.

Valley of the Giants



Mountain Biking


Little Luckiamute Falls and more nearby...

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Things to note...
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City Projects Tab Added to Website

In an effort to keep Falls City Citizens and the surrounding community better informed, City Staff is building a "City Projects" page (see above). The page will be updated monthly and contain information about completed, current, and future projects undertaken by the City of Falls City. 

Contact Form Repaired

The City's Contact Form (see contact button above) experienced a technical issue for the last month or so, City Staff was not receiving your messages. Please resubmit your messages on the website, or email: The City of Falls City apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused. 


Housing Rehabilitation Grants & Low Interest Loans

Polk Community Development Corporation has many resources for qualified residents of Falls City and/or Polk County, to rehabilitate their homes or certain things within the home. Please visit,, or call (503) 831-3173 for more information, or to get started with your home's rehabilitation.



Polk Community Development Corporation (Polk CDC) is a local non-profit organization that helps finance major home repairs through low interest loans and periodic grant programs to eligible homeowners.  Our agency assists the homeowner with contacting  licensed professionals with whom the homeowner would contract to perform the needed repairs. Polk CDC offers low interest loans to qualified homeowners for home repairs. Those with the greatest need and the fewest resources may qualify for CDBG grants, when available, focusing on healthy and safe living conditions.   


We are pleased to announce that Falls City is applying for a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). In doing so, Polk CDC is developing a waitlist for the opportunity to apply for these funds. These funds are awarded through a competitive application process and have not been committed to Falls City as of yet.  As a whole, Polk County works together as a collaborative entity called Polk Regional Collaborative (PRC).  Many of Falls City residents have been served and continue to be served by Polk CDC with CDBG funds awarded to Polk County, Dallas, Monmouth, and Independence.  In turn, the current waitlist is open to all of Polk County residents with the exclusion of Salem residents within the Urban Growth Boundary of Salem.  


For more information or to apply, please see the link on our website for more details and the ability to fill out an online Program Eligibility Questionnaire:


Being on the waitlist does not guarantee eligibility for the CDBG Homeowner Rehabilitation Program.


Report Crimes Online

Did you know you can report suspected crimes, drug activity, and submit tips to the Polk County Sheriff's Office online? You can also view PCSO crime reports at the same time! 


For all of this and more visit:

Polk County Sheriff's Office non-emergency number (503)623-9251. 

As always, if you are experiencing an EMERGENCY DIAL 911.