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Your support is important and valuable to The City of Falls City. There are many ways to participate in their political efforts to enforce change. Whether you would like to volunteer your time and join a committee, or attend  regular council meetings to stay up to date on current city events. The city is making the necessary steps to keep everyone involved even during COVID-19 restricted times. We appreciate all of you and please know that every little bit that you dedicate helps tremendously.


Most Improved Yard Contest Winners

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Grand Prize

Charlie Flynn & Joy Whitney

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Second Place

Shaniko Jackson & Georgia Griffin

Third Place

Douglas & Ruby Church


Last Place

Ramil & Jo Meza

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Falls City Direct Connect

New Schedule Starts Tuesday September 01, 2020

New schedule can be found here.


Housing Rehabilitation Grants & Loans

Polk Community Development Corporation (Polk CDC) is a local non-profit organization that helps finance major home repairs through low interest loans and periodic grant programs to eligible homeowners. Our agency assists the homeowner with contacting licensed professionals with whom the homeowner would contract to perform the needed repairs. Polk CDC offers low interest loans to qualified homeowners for home repairs. Those with the greatest need and the fewest resources may qualify for CDBG grants, when available, focusing on healthy and safe living conditions. Please visit,, or call (503) 831-3173 for more information, or to get started with your home's rehabilitation.

We are pleased to announce that Falls City has been awarded a Housing Rehabilitation,Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)scheduled to be funded in late spring 2020. Polk CDC will be working from an established waitlist of home owners who have expressed interest in having repairs made to their home utilizing these grant funds. These funds are intended for those with the most urgent need with the least amount of resources.  Minimum requirements include income eligibility, the household income must be at or below 80% of the Area Median Income based on household size, the home must be owner occupied with the owner owning no other property, must be in good standing with lien holders and property taxes. For more information or to be added to the current waitlist please contact Polk CDC (503-831-3173).

These funds are awarded through a competitive application process, these funds have now been committed to Falls City to be released in late spring 2020.  As a whole, Polk County works together as a collaborative entity called Polk Regional Collaborative (PRC). Many of Falls City residents have been served and continue to be served by Polk CDC with CDBG funds awarded to Polk County, Dallas, Monmouth, and Independence.  In turn, the current waitlist is open to all of Polk County residents with the exclusion of Salem residents within the Urban Growth Boundary of Salem. For more information, please see the link on our website for more details and the ability to fill out an online Program Eligibility Questionnaire: Being on the waitlist does not guarantee eligibility for the CDBG Homeowner Rehabilitation Program.


Street Sweeping

Street sweeping takes place on the last Wednesday of each month. We ask that all cars parked on the following streets are moved off of the street and into driveways:
North Main Street
Mitchell Street (up to 5th Street)
Bridge Street
Parry Road (paved portions)
South Main Street


Report Crimes Online

Did you know you can report suspected crimes, drug activity, and submit tips to the Polk County Sheriff's Office online? You can also view crime reports at the same time! 

For all of this and more visit:

The Polk County Sheriff's Office non-emergency number is (503) 623-9251. If you are experiencing an emergency, dial 911.

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