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Payments Now Available Online!

We are now taking credit card payments online via our new customer portal. There are several different payment methods to choose from. You can create an account or use a Quick Pay option. Your financial information is secure and can only be viewed by the logged in account holder. The system then sends our program the amount, type and date of your transaction and posts it to your account in real time. ***Stripe, our third party vendor does charge a Processing Fee: $2.50 or 3% whichever is greater. This is calculated on the bottom of the payment page and you have the option of paying the fee not using our online service.

Cash payments may be made during regular business hours. Check and Money Order payments may be placed in the City Hall drop box at any time. Auto payments may be arranged in person or online with your financial institution to mail physical checks to City Hall and then be processed to your account. Please add your account number and physical address of utility service to be paid to your check information. Arrange for payments to reach  City Hall  by regular mail before the 15th of each month.

Bill Pay has been repaired and is functioning properly!

Online payment overview- click here!


  Note*** Online bill pay will NOT be available on Shut-off day. You must pay in person at City Hall.

Please note if the 26th falls on a weekend and you make your payment that day, it will show as late and you will be charged a late fee.

Utility Schedule and Fees

The City of Falls City provides water utilities to inside and several outside city limit residents. Sewer utilities are available to a limited portion within city limits only. Utilities are billed in arrears, typically on the 26th and mailed by the last day of the month.

All applications must be accompanied by proof of property ownership and owner(s) signature and contact information. Property owner(s) are ultimately responsible for unpaid utility account(s). Account balances must be paid in full before the transfer of utility services can be assigned to another account.

Delinquent notices for customers in danger of shut off are generated and mailed on or about the 5th of each month. Notices are mailed to the person authorized on the account. If a renter or agent is not listed on the account, they will not receive a notice. It will be mailed to the owner of the property. This is also true with billing statements.

Please contact City Hall if your mailing address has changed. The City is not responsible for unread, lost or returned mail.

Payment for water and sewer service is due the 15th of every month.  Service will be disconnected, with notice, if account is 30 days past due.  A reconnection fee of $35 will be applied to the account once a shut off tag has been issued to Public Works at noon for disconnection whether the service is physically shut off or not.

Past due accounts are charged a $10/residential and $20/business penalty on the morning of the 26th of each month (following a 10 day grace period 15th-25th).

Customers are required to pay the full account balance prior to reconnection. Our reconnect fee is $35 during regular Public Works business hours 7am-4pm and $65 after hours, weekends and holidays.

Change of ownership to existing services, please allow 24- 48 hours for reconnection and have someone present at that scheduled time.

Applications may be found at the link below or at City Hall.

Utility Application form

Municipal Code Section 50: Sewer

Municipal Code Section 51: Water

Leak Adjustment Request

*The city no longer requires deposits.