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City of Falls City 

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Municipal Court: Options for Appearing

Under option 1 on the back of your citation you can plead no contest and pay the fine by mail.


Under option 2 on the back of your citation you can plead no contest by mail, post the full presumptive fine (listed on the front of your citation), and write a letter of explanation for the Judge to consider.  If the Judge may assesses a fine lower than the amount listed on the front of the citation you will be issued a refund by mail.  When mailing in your fine amount please make your check or money order payable to The City of Falls City and write your citation number on the payment and include your current address.


Under option 3 you may plead not guilty by mail and request a trial.  Please include your current mailing address and phone number.  The Court will mail you notice of your trial once it is scheduled. 


Option 4 allows you to request a trial by affidavit.  You would plead not guilty under option 3, then request a trial by affidavit under option 4.  You will be mailed an affidavit to complete.


The Court Clerk is allowed to handle certain types of violations, thus eliminating your need to appear in court.  If you wish to handle your citation through the Court Clerk you can come to City Hall during normal business hours. If you plead guilty or no contest, the court clerk is able to collect your fine.


The Court accepts cash, cashier's check, and money order. The Court does offer deferred payment plans, but there is a fee associated with deferring your payment.  To handle a citation through the Court Clerk please wait at least 7 days after receiving the citation to insure the citation has been filed with the court.  The Municipal Court office is located inside City Hall at 299 Mill Street.


The Court does not accept payment or pleas over the phone or by email.  You must appear in person at the court office or with the Judge at arraignment, or mail in your ticket with your plea/payment.


Please note that if you have not paid your fine or entered a plea before the court date listed on your citation, you must appear in Court to see the Judge.  Arraignments and Trials are held in the Community Center 320 N Main Street Falls City, Oregon 97344