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This page was developed as a central location for important City documents. If you are looking for Council or Committee meeting packets, minutes, or schedules please visit that page for the specific commitee you are interested in.


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City Liens


Changes in ORS 93.643 and ORS 223.230 require the City to record certain liens in the Polk County Clerk’s office or provide access by an on-line electronic medium. The City provides access to this information through a contract with Net Assets Corp. The lien information consists of nuisance abatement charges, court fines, and unpaid water and sewer user charges.


See "Lien Searches" below for instructions on how the City's lien docket is accessed. The on-line system is called Conduits and it is a fee based service that most subscribers such as title companies, escrow agents, financial institutions and real estate professionals utilize in performing searches as part of real estate transactions.

Anyone wanting a user name and password to access lien information should contact Net Assets at

or by calling 541.485.8876. The registration process is handled electronically the first time you place an inquiry/search on property in Falls City. Once your registration is authorized, you will receive an email to the address provided on your registration.

The fee to access lien information is $35.00 per property searched. Net Assets, on behalf of the City, will prepare and send invoices monthly for any searches done. Every effort is made to keep the lien docket up-to-date; however, title companies (and other searchers) are strongly encouraged to verify final pay-off amounts by contacting the City Clerk directly. This is especially true for liens that include an interest component.

The City of Falls City began using an electronic source via the World Wide Web at effective Monday, June 15, 2009.


Code Enforcement Investigation Request Form

Citizens may report Municipal Code violations by phone or by filling out the form in the link above and delivering it to City Hall either in person, using the drop box or by mail. Staff will keep strict confidentiality for those wishing to remain anonymous.

Falls City Municipal Code may be found at the right of this page.

Miscellaneous Forms

Land Use Permit Application

Business License Application

Cemetery Information Request

Community Center Rental Agreement

Park Reservation Application

Public Records Request

Public Works Investigation Report

Structural Burn Release

Polk County Emergency Information

Polk County Emergency Operations Plan

Polk County Evacuation Brochure

Polk County Emergency Preparedness Handouts

Polk County Register for Emergency Alerts

Polk County Report Flood Damage


City Charter

City of Falls City Charter, effective 12/04/2014 (286.28 KB)


Comprehensive Plan

Falls City Comprehensive Plan 2013 (2M)

Falls City Comprehensive Plan 2013 Appendix A- Street Inventory(62KB)

Falls City Comprehensive Plan 2013 Appendixix B- Public Works Design Standards (242KB) 

Falls City Comprehensive Plan Designations, 2017(3MB)

Municipal Code

Falls City Municipal Code (773.99KB)

*** Amendment to Chapter 90: Unnecessary Noise

Zoning and Development Ordinance

Falls City Zoning and Development Ordinance (2017) (1MB)

Falls City Zoning Map (3MB)

Wastewater Facility Plan

Falls City Wastewater Facility Plan- part A (6.47MB)

Falls City Wastewater Facility Plan- part B- Maps (1.03MB)

Water Master Plan

Water Master Plan- approved

Water Source Assesment Report 2001

Falls City Water Source Assessment Report 2001 (2.53MB)


Total Maximum Daily Load Plan (TMDL)

Falls City Total Maximum Daily Load Plan (TMDL 3.36MB)


Street Improvement Plan

Falls City Street Improvement Plan (3.42MB)


Streets 2009

Falls City Streets 2009- Map (1.51MB)


Future Streets

Falls City Future Streets- Map (1.52MB) 


Transportation System Plan

Falls City Transportation System Plan (8.65MB)


Buildable Lands 2001

Falls City Buildable Lands 2001- Map (105.03KB)


Building Limitations

Falls City Building Limitations- Map (905.06KB)


Parks Master Plan

Parks Master Plan

Fee Schedule

Falls City Fee Schedule (211.38KB)


Emergency Operations Plan

Falls City Emergency Operations Plan (6.85MB)


Emergency Preparedness  Plan
Falls City Basic Emergency Preparedness Plan (47.03KB)


Polk County Multi-Jurisdictional Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan (NHMP)

Falls City Addendum to the Polk County NHMP, 2017 (3 MB)

Polk County Multi-Jurisdictional NHMP, (Full)  2017

Public Protection Rating

Falls City 2014 Protection Classification Report (740KB)


City Budget

Falls City Adopted Budget 2019-2020

Falls City Adopted Budget 2018-2019

Falls City Adopted Budget 2017-2018

Falls City Adopted Budget 2016-2017

Falls City Adopted Budget 2015-2016

Falls City Adopted Budget 2014-2015

Falls City Adopted Budget 2013-2014

Falls City Adopted Budget 2012-2013


City Audits
Falls City Audit Report 2019

Falls City Audit Report 2018

Falls City Audit Report 2017

Falls City Audit Report 2016

Falls City Audit Report 2015

Falls City Audit Report 2014

Falls City Audit Report 2013

Falls City Audit Report 2012

Falls City Audit Report 2011

Falls City Audit Report 2010