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Falls City 2018 Elections

NOTICE of City Council Elections

November 6, 2018 General Election Information

The next City Council Election is scheduled to occur at the General Election to be held on
Tuesday November 6, 2018

The following is a list of open positions:


Open Position                                          Term                              Terms begins                           Terms Ends

Mayor                                                 Two years                        January 1, 2019                   December 31, 2020

Position currently held by Jeremy Gordon  


Council Position                                   Four years                        January 1, 2019                   December 31, 2022

Position currently held by Tony Meier                                    


Council Position                                   Four years                        January 1, 2019                   December 31, 2022

Position currently held by Jennifer Drill                                        


Council Position                                   Four Years                       January 1, 2019                   December 31, 2022

Position currently held by Lori Jean Sickles                                        



November 6, 2018-   Last day to establish residency within City limits.

August 21, 2018-   First day to file Forms SEL 101, SEL 121 and SEL 338.

August 21, 2018-   Last day to submit petitions to Polk County for signature verification.

August 28, 2018-   Last day for nominations and petitions (VERIFIED  by POLK COUNTY!) Forms (Verified) SEL 121 and SEL 338,

August 31, 2018-   Last day for candidates to withdraw Form SEL 150.


September 8, 2018- Last day the City Elections Officer may submit candidate names to the County Elections Office.


November 6, 2018-   General Election!

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Posted on July 2, 2018