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Municipal Court: Appearing in Court

The time and date you are to appear in court is located on the front of the citation, at the very bottom.

Falls City Municipal Court hearings are held inside the Community Center at 320 N Main Street Falls City. You should try to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled arraignment. Please check in with the Court Clerk inside the courtroom when you arrive. You will be asked how you wish to plea. There are three acceptable pleas:

  • Guilty

  • No Contest

  • Not Guilty

A guilty or no contest plea waives your right to a trial. You can offer an explanation to the Judge. The Judge will consider your explanation,and the seriousness of the offense in setting your fine amount.


A not guilty plea will result in a trial held at a later date (usually scheduled within 4 to 6 weeks) and you will be notified by mail of the trial date and time.


The Judge will call your name when it is your turn and will ask you for your plea. If you plead guilty or no contest the Judge will listen to your explanation and will make a decision and impose a fine if appropriate. People are typically called by the Judge in order of their arrival at the Court. After seeing the Judge you will be asked to obtain the copy of your citation and check out with Court staff inside the courtroom.


Your fine is due when you are sentenced. The Falls City Municipal Court does allow you to defer payment in some cases, but there is a deferred payment fee. The Court staff can tell you if you qualify for a deferred payment plan.

You are allowed to reschedule your arraignment date one time only by calling the Court Clerk’s office at 503-787-3631.


Courtroom Rules:

  • No hats or caps

  • No food, drink, or gum

  • No tank tops, half shirts or inappropriate shorts

  • No talking during court

All cell phones, pagers or any other electronic devices must be turned off while in the courtroom.